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While making our next studio album (to be produced by Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna), this "Fans subcriptions project" is for us a new way to go forward, achieve new goals and be closer to you. We really wanna make it as a true experience and build strong relationship with you. In echange of a financial contribution, you'll get exclusive photos, videos, audio recordings, demo outtakes, and even more. Any ideas? By the way, first thing you will get as soon as you subscribe is an exclusive live footage of our last gig in Paris! Obviously, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime you want!

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After a decade of challenging its music across several albums, EPs, videos, alternative versions, remixes and european tours, THOT is going to bring a breath of fresh air in the industrial-rock and post-rock genres with "FLEUVE, its new album (produced by Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna) to be released 20th of October on Weyrd Son Records

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