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Vinyls/Cd and merch available on weyrdsonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fleuve

“The river that everything drags is known as violent, but nobody calls violent the margins that arrest her.”

This quote from Bertolt Brecht is the best way to portray FLEUVE, the devastating new album of belgian outfit THOT. After a decade of challenging its music across several albums, EPs, videos, alternative versions, remixes and european tours, the gang lead by Grégoire Fray is going to bring a breath of fresh air in the industrial-rock and post-rock genres. Produced by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) and engineered in live circumstances, FLEUVE features 9 songs built around a powerful drums/bass/guitar trio, on which passionate vocals, heavy synths, clarinet laments and bulgarian choirs melt together perfectly. Thereby, FLEUVE is a luminous ode to the european continent and its cultural history, to nature’s immuable inspiration, to women and transcendance. FLEUVE is due 20th of October 2017 on Weyrd Son Records.

"...between the dark haze of Neurosis and the dadaism of Throbbing Gristle. (...) embracing the dark romanticism of Bauhaus, and venturing into the spiraling structures of Mars Volta" - PUNKNEWS (USA)

"THOT nous présente une Europe bousculée, mélangée, bandante et pleine d’une vie pas épargnée par les souffrances, les rages et les espoirs. Le groupe avance comme un Viking en conquête, non pas avec le secret espoir de tout détruire, mais avec celui d’être un des multiples petits canaux qui alimentent un cœur bien malade. Putain putain c’est vachement bien…." - A Découvrir Absolument (FR)

"as neue Album des belgischen Post-Rock-Trios THOT hört auf den Namen FLEUVE und ist der Nachfolger des 2014er Werks „The City that Disappears“. Post-Rock einen eigenen Stempel aufzudrücken ist nicht leicht, doch THOT beweisen, dass es doch möglich ist. " - Pretty In Noise (DE)


released October 20, 2017

Music & lyrics written and arranged by Grégoire Fray
Recorded by Magnus Lindberg at The Apiary Studio Recording (Laval, France)
Sound assistance by Amaury Sauvé
Mixed and Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studio (Stockholm, Sweden)
Grégoire Fray: guitar, lead vocals, piano.
Gil Chevigné: drums and percussions
Dimitri Iannello : bass synth
Arielle Moens: vocals
Clarinet on Rhone, Rhein & Bosphore by Samuel Theze
Guest vocals on Bosphore by Claudia Chiaramonte
Violin on Bosphore by Catherine Graindorge
Guest vocals on Volga by Frédérique Rochette
Additional vocals in Vltava by Eamon McGrath & Amaury Sauvé
Artwork by Anne Fontenelle & Antoine De Schuyter


all rights reserved



Thot Brussel

“The river that everything drags is known as violent, but nobody calls violent the margins that arrest her.”

This quote from Bertolt Brecht is the best way to portray FLEUVE, latest album of belgian outfit THOT.

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Track Name: ODRA
I collide with your rawness
I am squeezed by anxiety
I try to evade from this town
Where you pushed me till the neck

I collide with your rawness, as always
I’ll let you see wider than time,
Let me becoming the stream breathing in your realm
Drive me to the plains, and
Turn me on, once again
You collide with my respect, as always
Am I yet deep inside the rock?
Lonesome as the lode
Full of steel
Begging for exploding
I'll turn into a tide
and tie you to the wave, to the wave

Take me to your crown
Feed me to the soil
Waste me to the dawn
Track Name: VLTAVA
On my first days I was black
Then I turned into a nymph
On the next day I’ve grown wild
And I had to declare the war

Against the greed of men
and their lack of trust in love, in me

I'm traveling down through our lands
I'm gonna shift into a wave.
I am the worse you’re gonna face
You'd better dive into my arms, into my soul
and becoming a better will, a better will.

Take the roads into my hands
Feel the wind that feeds my veins
Always care to the unity that we share
I don't belong to this mess
And to those people who control the race
Always care to the unity that we share
Take the roads out from your veins
Ride the wind out from your brain
Always care to the unity that we share
We don't belong to this mess
And to this greed which controls the race
Always care to the unity that w share
I’ll always care for you
Track Name: RHONE
I sat down by the lake
For once I’m on my own
On the shore where she stood
Like a bird
That was before the mountains took her soul back and broke her faith
But now I’m ready
I’m ready to drown myself into its stream and face her birth
There’s nothing more, nothing more
Et le Rhône m’ouvre ses bras
Des peupliers noirs m’accueillent
Et je monte à la nage vers l’est.

Floating up next to the sun
My body is about to transform
Into a swarm of swans
The fount is calling me
Track Name: RHEIN
My love
You drag so many says, and many wars, for ages
Your gallant tide who bounds the land is aching
Mon amour
The king is wrong and breaking down beliefs we had in each others
I’m like a deer, with you my dear
There’s nothing else, we can’t achieve
Then claiming for a severe flood and raise the rage

River that everything drags is known as violent, nobody calls violent the margins that arrest her

We grant our life to the road and bet on death
We brave the time as we ride the surge
There’s nothing wrong to escape from fear
This shore is made to be blessed again

Rivers are leading us up to the heart of our soul
Cities are standing alive and protecting our yarns
There’s so much flames to embrace
Forest are moving so fast that I’m breathing again
Track Name: DUNA
I don’t know why I’m streaming
I forgot where I’ve dawned
I don’t know where I’m flowing
You’ve got so many shapes and many names

Then women bring me the key
I’m craving for much more
They’ve been charming my ten countries and the rest of the lands
I don’t know where I’m going, I’m looking for your trace
I can’t say if I’ll succeed to be safe from your shade

I’ll carry our memories to the black sea.

One day, I’ll mingle myself with the holy Rhine
My bow to distortion of time.

For so long
Your mortal coil is moulting
Your name, forgotten
I wish you’re gonna spring everywhere
Track Name: SAMARA
And if you shut your mouth
And run back to your mum
And you start to mind
And step away from cowardice

And if you stop to claim that you know a damn thing
Can you shut the fuck up, very much please
And start to mind for my own sake

And if women would lead
And if you stop to be scared
And if you trust her cunt
And satisfy her pleasure for once
You’re pitiful being
I can’t stop to despise you
And if you shut your mouth
And go to fucking hell now, for my own sake

Take a look at what you’ve done
So much to blame, you’re so insane
You’re a miserable piece of shit
Your cursed money won’t help
I’ve never been rude that way
The wrath is taking me over
And if you start to mind
Then plan to be a fellow man

Sometimes, my words are troublesome
I feel the flare into my bones
Please take my hands and pull me out
There’s a better place where we can shine
Track Name: NOW'S THE ONLY TIME I KNOW (Fever Ray Cover - Bonus track)
Dark brown hair and eyelash
Reappear in a flash
Now's the only time I know

Early morning's greatest deed
What's forsaken, I do not need
There is water, there is snow

Settling down door and room
Keep it tidy, keep it like a home
Now's the only time I know

Come here, sparrow
Watch my hand
Black and blue seeds
That is what my hand can
Now's the only time I know

Do my hair, paint eyelash
Reappear in a flash
There is more I'd like to know

Nine-fifteen, then I'm done
Quiet front seat, then drive around
Through the water, through the snow

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